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Thomas Valtin Lecheler is a Berlin based fashion photographer and handprinter. After finishing his school, he felt the urge to find a passion and something to grow with. He soon found this passion in photography, so he started his career through an apprenticeship in still life photography, with the idea to learn as much as possible about lighting all kinds of objects. 


In his spare time Thomas started to develop himself in working with people. After finishing his apprenticeship he started to assist in the fashion industry for many years. Soon he was skilled enough to start his own career. 

One can still see the influence of his still life experience in Thomas’ photography. High quality lighting is always a part of his works. After deciding to get back to the roots of taking pictures, he set up his own Darkroom and started to shoot analog again. Thomas always focuses on colors and is eager to get the best out of a print.

Selected clients: Windsor, Maerz München, Birkenstock, YSL, Joop!, Strellson,... 

Magazines: ODDA, ID Germany, Vogue Germany, Vogue France, Vogue UK, GQ Germany, GQ France, GQ UK, DapperDan, French Fries,....


Commercial and Editorial inquiries:



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